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Luxury Bedding
Throne Chairs

Exclusive range of hand carved Throne Chairs
3 year assurance and 1 year international guarantee on all products.

Living Room Furniture

Wide range of gold and silver leaf finished living room furniture
3 year assurance and 1 year international guarantee on all products.

Welcome to Midland Interiors.

Midland Interiors is a leading international manufacturer and retailer of luxury home and commercial interiors. Our products are hand crafted and manufactured by skilled native craftsmen in various regions throughout the world. We specialise in ornate French sofas and furniture, French & Italian reproduction furniture, Hand carved bedroom furniture as well as products such as: throne chairs, chaise longue, wedding furniture, Rococo beds, Ethnic fabric and textiles. We take great pride in our work and implement a stringent quality control framework which ensures a flawless and accurate final product. Based in Birmingham, United Kingdom; we have a number of manufacturing plants and distribution centres throughout the world . We believe that every country specialises in something unique and for this reason we reach out to the native talent in various countries, to bring about truly magnificent and innovative products.

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